Personalised Presents — 30th Anniversary Presents from Mooks Design

Looking for a family tree papercut for a much-loved family member? Or perhaps a beautiful wedding themed papercut?

They’re the perfect anniversary gift.

Mooks Design has a beautiful range of personalised gifts and our papercut pictures are sure to be be treasured forever.

A Little More Info on Our Papercuts

• All our papercut pictures are original.

• We design and hand cut them in-house or they’re laser-cut by machine, then finished by hand.

• They can be cut from many different colours and even — maybe for a 30th wedding anniversary gift — shimmering pearl paper.

Mooks Design papercuts are sold unframed or encased in a floating papercut frame; (two sheets of glass sandwiched between a black or white frame). The frames are the perfect way to show off our papercuts to their very best advantage.

Most of our papercuts can be personalised but some — like the ‘Sisters Are Like Stars’ papercut — are a standard design.