Introducing The Twinkle Diaries

So what’s The Twinkle Diaries and why are we linking to it? Well, years ago Mooks had its own blog — it was all about wedding stationery (and was a bit dull).

But in 2012, Caro began writing a very different blog.

Initially it was all about being pregnant with twins, then as time went on it became an online diary. Tales of family life — places she’d been, things she’d done — a virtual memory box if you will.

These days, The Twinkle Diaries is an established and successful UK lifestyle blog, which has been nominated for multiple awards and has partnered with various brands over the years; including The Great Little Trading Company, Laura Ashley and Mark Warner Holidays.

With all that in mind, it seemed seems a bit silly to start a new blog again, just for Mooks.

But we wanted to explain why — when you click the blog tab on here — you get whisked off to a site that doesn’t have the Mooks branding (and features family life, rather than just prints and papercuts).

I guess you could say that, if Mooks is our working platform, The Twinkle Diaries is rest and play.

Same people behind the scenes, just a different name.